The Fellas

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Jaeden: Seven years old and the oldest of the fellas. Jaeden loves Legos, puzzles, Minecraft, and wrestling with his brothers. During our travels and training, Jaeden has been quick to make friends, asks a lot of questions, and is a real thinker. Jaeden does a great job as a big brother, helping out Mom and Dad when needed.  He’s excited about moving to Papua New Guinea! He would love to be out riding his bike daily, playing soccer, and meeting new friends. His only concern, “Do we have to get shots [immunizations]?”

Levi: Five years old and full of energy, the wiggles, and endless amounts of the giggles! Levi is our sensitive, artistic son who begs to work on art projects daily. He is enthusiastic about life, the emotional one, and our hugger. It’s been fun and interesting to watch him grow up. He brings challenges to our parenting, but can melt your heart in a moment! Levi is very perceptive and watches people. He asks a lot of questions about why people do and say things.  He’s excited about Papua New Guinea and would love to get a dog when he gets there. His big concern is also the immunizations.

Jace: Three years old and the brute of the family. He loves to be in the middle of everything. His current obsession is anything superhero. He wears his Batman mask almost daily, and since his Batman cape is torn, he wears his super man costume. He calls himself, “Super Bat!” Complete with the deep voice, and superhero noises – whatever that means. He loves life! Jace is excited about Papua New Guinea, calling it “Papa Guinea” because his brothers are excited. We’re not sure if he really knows whats going on, but we’re so grateful for his easy-going personality.

Stay tuned to see The Fellas exciting adventures in Papua New Guinea!

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