How Dr. Helen became a part of our lives forever

Dr. Helen has touched many lives in the 30+ years she’s worked at the PNG SIL Clinic. But when she walked in the clinic the day of Jon’s accident and got to work saving Jon’s life, she forever became a part of our lives–our story. I’ve had the privilege of working with this dear lady again, and I praise God for her. I praise God that she felt the call to PNG all those years ago and was here for “such a time as this…”

Dr. Helen PNGWe got the chance to sit down and talk to Dr Helen since we’ve been back to PNG. In the first moments of seeing her for the first time, it made my heart soar as I watched Jon walk up her stairs and give her a hug. Powerful moment!

We sat down together and went over the whole accident. Asking questions from what were you thinking, to how bad was it really to what miracles God did to save Jon’s life.

This dear woman, along side Dr Jeff Stout, Sylvia John, Natalie Nelson and Jodi Pettygrove, Lillian and Hosea, rushed around doing all they could to make Jon comfy, hydrated, and alive. All the while, God was in the midst holding Jon inside of His hand.

As more time goes on, and the memories of that time start to dim, God brings about someone or something that takes us back to that crazy night of the accident to remind us of all that HE HAS DONE!!

Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Eph 5:20

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3 thoughts on “How Dr. Helen became a part of our lives forever

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing this story! Beautiful illustration of coming full circle from almost dieing to a life full of God’s blessings!😃

  2. Ann Eckert

    Praising God with you for His grace and His saints and your service. Much love, Ann ________________ Ann Eckert

  3. Mike Steele

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