Q and A with the Leedahl Boys: June 2016

I (Adie) asked the kids some questions this week and wrote down their responses. This is from Jaeden 10 (in 2 weeks), Levi 8 (the end of the June), and Jace 5.5.

I asked what do you think about living in PNG:

  • Jaeden: I think it’s great because there are a lot of trees to climb in and lots of houses close together so you don’t have to walk very far. The PNG people are fun because they use their imagination to create things that a lot of people in cities can’t think of, like toys and bows and arrows.
  • Levi: I like it because you don’t have to go very far to get to school. I like PE, music, and you get to make new friends and that’s all.
  • Jace: What I like about PNG, there are a lot of friends. I like to go to the villages sometimes because I play with the kids. They make bows and arrows.

What do think you think about what Daddy is doing here in PNG with his prosthetic leg:

  • Jaeden: I think it’s pretty cool that he is doing things that he couldn’t do before. like he can spin his leg and another thing, he’s bringing lots of people (back) to the Lord. Dad can carry me on his shoulders and Mom on his back at the same time. It was God who had it all planned out. He planned all these things. He planned Dad losing his leg and He brought people to the Lord because of it.
  • Levi: I think it’s good cause he’s getting ready to tell people about Jesus and he’s getting back to fly.
  • Jace: It’s a miracle!

What do you think about the missionary’s that are here telling others about Jesus here in PNG:

  • Jaeden: Sometimes it’s scary cause they (the PNG people) don’t know you and they could think you’re a spirit until they get to know you. I think they (missionaries) are brave.
  • Levi: I think they are cool. The George girls (from Hewa) are our best friends. We have a game we play together. (The boys met the Georges when they came out to Lapilo to live for a bit while there was unrest in Hewa)
  • Jace: It’s dangerous ’cause it could be animals there… like bears.
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6 thoughts on “Q and A with the Leedahl Boys: June 2016

  1. what good response your boys had. I am glad you are able to talk to some people about God’s love. I praise God he gave back a good family to the people of PNG. Keep strong all of you and keep the faith up

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like the boys are having a blast. I am sure you two are also. You are saving yourselves up treasures in Heaven.
    Lord bless.
    Phillip and Olivia

  3. Vivian Sharp

    Dear Adie,

    I love kids answers! Always fun and insightful.

    Have the boys met Mikenna Kopf? Jonathan and Susan were my first contact in PNG. Jonathan’s Dad was my pastor when I lived in N. Idaho. Miss them so very much.

    Praying for you all – praising the Lord for His great loving-kindness toward all of us.

    By His grace,

    Vivian Sharp


  4. Tim & Nancy Dean

    I love the boys’ comments and insights! Truly it is a miracle and the Lord had and has a plan! So thankful for you guys being there, serving the Lord, and bringing people to Jesus!
    We love you!

  5. Loved the boys answers! We thank GOD for you all and pray for continued opportunities to reach the lost.
    Have a great day!
    Love from
    The Peters Family!

  6. Rhonda

    So cute 🙂 Love this. My husband is a pilot and we have been following your story and thinking of you.

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