Hello from PNG!

image3Thank you for your prayers and support, guys!

We have been serving here in PNG this second time now for about 3 months. Jon has been flight training and learning the ropes here. He is loving it and comes home every day tired with a big smile on his face. God is so good to bring us back to serve here in PNG.

Last week Jon had the opportunity to talk to a PNG women who needs to get her foot amputated. He prayed with her and let her see his prosthetic leg trying to encourage her that although it’s a hard decision to amputate you can definitely live a full life without a limb. What a powerful time that was to share with this woman in Menya.

I’m staying busy homeschooling the boys. We missed this year’s school cut off date so I have homeschooled over this past year and finishing up soon as the boys prepare to attend the mission school in August. The boys are loving the perpetual summer here in PNG!

image5We live on a support mission center where all of our families work together to support our bush church planters. We all work together as a team: there is a supply buyer, communications folks, tech people, aviation folks, etc all working together  to keep our church planters taken care of and on the field.

What a privilege to serve alongside all these folks who have come overseas to reach the unreached!

Check out some pictures we’ve snapped and here is our info:
Find us on Facebook:
Jon N Adie Leedahl
Jon Leedahl NTM
Click here to see a video made of us and the same videographer made one showing what life looks like here:
Also if folks want to know our story you can watch it here: http://youtu.be/5RKzv7RRMkE
Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us! We could not do what we do without you!! 🙂
Adie and Jon Leedahl
Jaeden, Levi and Jace
Serving as a missionary pilot in Papua New Guinea
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One thought on “Hello from PNG!

  1. Tabitha Yates

    Hello Adie! It’s amazing to see all the work God has done in your lives. I was talking to my sweet friend Kelli Bicket this morning and it brought you to my mind again. It’s amazing to me that one of my oldest friends has now met one of my newest friends,halfway around the world. She lived one street over from me,here in Arizona and was one of my dearest friends here the last 2 years and we miss them so much!!
    I would really love to talk to you, if you would be willing to e-mail me. Yatesfam06@hotmail.com

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