Video: Leedahls return to PNG!

One of our pilot friends made a video of Jon’s return to flying with NTMA in PNG. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Video: Leedahls return to PNG!

  1. Beautiful Testimony OF GOD’s grace!
    Love From
    The Peters

  2. Anonymous

    Praise the Lord!

  3. Cathy Mitchell

    This is great! Love seeing you all in PNG! Your boys have grown so fast!!! God’s encouragement and blessings on each of you!

    On Sat, May 7, 2016 at 1:31 PM, Jon & Adie Leedahl, NTMA wrote:

    > Jon & Adie Leedahl posted: “One of our pilot friends made a video of Jon’s > return to flying with NTMA in PNG. Enjoy! ” >

  4. Anonymous

    Great video! Was good to see Jon loading the plane and getting into it and flying!

  5. Anonymous


  6. Paula Allen

    what a great and wonderful God we serve. Praying for the Leedahls.

  7. Thanks for sharing guys. So exciting to see Jon’s feet on the pedals again. You all look marvelous – island life agrees with you all 😉

  8. I LOVED SEEING THE VIDEO. I AM PRAYING FOR your family every day. Geoff and Shanon Husa are here with us not until February so got to see them. Sorry I missed you when you all came to phoenix but I live in Tempe across town from where you were and had no ride there. missy


    Dear Leedahl family,

    Well done video, said the film and video majors of 2001. Loved the money shot of the foot control pedals. It solidifies the fact that God can do anything for those who follow His leading. However, our kids think your kids look so much more grown up. I should send you a picture of Melissa in her dance stage makeup. Adie, you were a terrific mentor to her.

    I hear you need teachers and an additional handyman who dabbles with video on the side. Maybe we will come see YOU next time. I have time booked with David and Robin Watters when they are in Michigan this summer. Not telling them what we want to ask about. We want to see their reaction first hand. We will tell Ron and Tami James when we visit them in McNeil at the end of the month. Glad you have the Kodiak from there, but we sure would like to go up in one sometime.


    the Steele family

    P.S. Had BBQ pork in the crockpot tonight and thought of you.

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