Recovery Almost Complete

Another week full of school, games, friends, fencing & continual recovery for Jon.

Praise God, Jon is up walking, stitches out & has his regular shoe back on. So many of our worries haven’t happened. No swelling, wasn’t laid up for too long & no pain. God is so good!!
Isn’t it funny how we can worry so much about the, “what ifs?”
In fact Jon is out flying tonight, I’m sure quite happy & content to be right where his heart just soars…in the cockpit. Jon just got his FAA Statement of Demonstrated Ability and FAA Medical Certificate in the mail stating he can fly with no restrictions!!!! Look at the smile on his face!!!

We start our travels on Monday morning early to see my parents & a lot of my siblings. Very excited about celebrating Thanksgiving together. My Mom makes the yummiest food!! And gives the best hugs. Can’t wait!!

Next stop New Tribes Mission Aviation in McNeal. Looking forward to seeing many of you down there!!

Pray for safety on the roads. Pray for quality time with my family.


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4 thoughts on “Recovery Almost Complete

  1. Anonymous

    God is sooo good! thank you Adie for all your updates! PTL!

  2. Ann Eckert

    Rejoicing with praise to our great Father, Ann and Paul ________________ Ann Eckert

  3. Bud and Edna Gensel

    Praising God with you for this great news. keeping you in prayer for your travels. Have a blessed time with family as you celebrate God’s provision for your needs.

  4. Anonymous

    God is so good. Praying for safe travels and have a fantastic Thanksgiving giving God all he glory for all He has done!

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