Surgery Accomplished

Thank you all for praying today!!! Jon had surgery this morning & everything went well.
The Doc said the plate was a little “stuck” so it’s a good thing they got it out now before it got too attached to him.

He is allowed to walk on his foot in 48 hrs, but needs to be careful because there are some holes on the bone where the screws were that need to fill in with time.

Jon has a check up Thurs & to rewrap the foot. He will wear a soft shoe around till things are feeling better.

A big praise is that the same Doctor did Jon’s amputation revision surgery back in March & was surprised at how much strength Jon had in his stump. He was worried there wasn’t enough muscle left for Jon to work with.
He shook his head in awe & said, “I don’t know how you’re doing it but you are!” He asked what Jon did for a living & Jon got to share what he does & the doc looked up pix of the Kodiak. Way cool!!

Being at back at the hospital brought back lots of memories & boy are we so glad to see how far the Lord has brought us!!!

“Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.
But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary in doing good.” (II thes 3:5, 13)


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7 thoughts on “Surgery Accomplished

  1. Anonymous

    that’s awesome news. We will keep praying over here in PA for Jon’s full recovery. It has been a blessing watching the Lord heal him and use him still in ministry despite what happened. God is so good and we are thrilled with all of the support and love you have had through all of this.

  2. Randy & Diana Smyth

    Praise the Lord!!! So grateful to God and in awe of His wonders once again. Praying for your recovery and for all of you.

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  4. Angela Wright

    So glad that things went well today!! Will be praying that the seed you planted in the doctor’s heart will bear fruit!!

  5. Anonymous

    So thankful for the success of his surgery, prayers.

  6. Herb & Winnie Risto

    Praise the Lord! Keep on pressing on for the Lord!

  7. Judy Sloan

    PTL! God is so good. Will continue to pray for you!

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