Good to Go

Hallelujah! God is good!!!
Helicopter, airplane single-engine & multi-engine check rides ALL done & passed!!! Jon has completed his recertification to fly again with no restrictions.

Today is a milestone day–lets thank God together guys!!!!

“Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; Yes, our God is merciful.
I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving, And will call upon the name of the Lord.” (Ps116:5 & 17)

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25 thoughts on “Good to Go

  1. Praise the Lord for all that He has done!

    Thanks for staying after it–both of you. You are an encouragement to us here in PNG. Looking forward to your return!

    Blessings in Jesus, John Allen @JMAllenSr

  2. Erville & Colleen Lennon

    We are retired NTM missionaries from PNG. Finished our ministry there in 2003. Through the NTM newsletters & prayer lists we learned of your accident a year ago. Then we signed onto your newsletter & have been following you ever since. Sent lots of prayers up for you guys & all we can say is thank-you God for this miracle in your life! Thank-you God for restoring Jon back to health & restoring his career as missionary pilot! God is so good!!
    Keep encouraged!
    Erville & Colleen Lennon

  3. Emmanuel Remy

    Praise God!


    Sent from my iPad


  4. Paul and Ann Eckert

    Joining you in thanks that all is done. God is good. And you both have cooperated with him in healing and wholeness through alot of pain, concern, decisions and perseverance, waiting on Him for right path through. And He is faithful and can be trusted. All praise to Him.

  5. Vivian Sharp

    Dear Jon and Adie,

    God is good! Just want to let you know that I am still here, reading your posts, praying for you and rejoicing in God’s care for y’all.

    Please keep me on the list to get your letters.

    In Him,

    Vivian Sharp


    • Donna Burns

      Congratulations!!! So thankful with you!!! May God pave the rest of the way back to PNG!


    Praise The Lord!

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Dorothy Brown

    Praise our Wonderful Gracious Lord for all He has done! A sister in Christ, Dorothy Brown

  8. Bud and Edna Gensel

    Rejoicing and praising God with you!

  9. mboze

    This is SO exciting!

    God’s ways are unknowable, but we can be sure of this: that He is gracious, kind and loving. And He is strong, powerful and just. He will draw people to Himself by displays of His power and glory. This is a wonderful example of just that. This story will be told again and again as evidence of God’s love and providence and glory.

    May God keep blessing you as you trust Him deeply. Thanks so much for sharing your story.


  10. June Helias

    Praise God; He IS Good!

  11. Ruth Nicholson

    SUCH GREAT NEWS!! We are praising God with you!

  12. Anonymous

    Fantastic news!! God is so awesome! Rejoicing with you in all that God has done during this difficult time of recovery. May He continue to go before you each step of the way!
    Judy Sloan

  13. Randy Schmidt

    Turn the page now. The next chapter starts. All glory to Gid!!!

  14. Mary Jackson

    So very thankful for your completed and satisfactory check rides. I have worked at LeTourneau University in their aviation department for 33 years, scheduling and praying for countless checkrides for our students. I know how excited and thankful you are–and I feel the same for you. I have been following your blog since the accident and feel like I know you. Thanking God with you!

  15. Mary Lee Starr

    Thank you Lord!!!

  16. Herb & Winnie Risto

    Praise the Lord, Jon & Adie! My, what a milestone! How wonderful that you persevered, Jon, and the Lord undertook!

  17. lisa armitage

    Congratulations Jon. God is awesome.


    my iPhone, hands off

  18. Hi Jon and Adie,

    Praise the Lord! That is incredible, and in only a year!

    You all have been a great testimony of the good gifts the Lord gives.

    Blessings to you all

  19. Anonymous

    Dear Jon and Adie,
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Your blog posts have been such a testimony of God’s mercy and grace over the past year. May the Lord bless you as you prepare for your next journey.
    With love from Bill and Klaske Kroesbergen (Ontario, Canada)

  20. Tom & Sandi :-) Chambers

    Praising God with you! We have prayed for you since all of this happened, and are so grateful to the Lord for His goodness. Thank you for keeping us informed all along the way. As others have stated, God has used you to touch many lives through your dependence on Him in all things! Continuing to pray for each of you!

    In Christ’s love, Tom & Sandi Chambers (Eagle Point, Oregon)

  21. Anonymous

    PRAISE GOD, so Happy for you all.

  22. Praises to our Lord!

  23. Lois Snyder

    We are so thankful to God for His continued work in your lives. and for this milestone you have reached. Your picture is still up on our cabinet door, and we will keep praying for you.

    Blessings as you continue walking with Him.

    Lois and Sieg Snyder

  24. Teresa

    Awesome news, praising God with you!

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