Cleared for Take-Off

PRAISING GOD!!! Today, just a little over a year after his accident, Jon has passed 2 of his 3 FAA check rides to recertify him to fly again!!!!!!

He has his multi-engine check ride this Thursday at 11am. Pray guys!!
Thank you for your continued prayers!!!! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Cleared for Take-Off

  1. Bob Jones

    Wonderful news! I’ll be praying.

    Bob Jones FBC Pensacola

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  2. We are praising God with you, Jon & Adie!!! We have been praying for strength and supernatural dexterity since the check rides were scheduled, and will keep remembering you in the progress toward field release and check out. Congratulations!!!

    Your story has been a year-long inspiration to those training to serve God and people through aviation…and Adie has been a tremendous example of a God-trusting, stable wife, who has persevered through all the trials, being honest and transparent about the hardest moments when the human instincts pulled the opposite direction….no better reminder to our students of the importance of a faithful ministry partner whose vows are tested by fire! What a privilege to meet you this summer at Oshkosh!

  3. Bud and Edna Gensel

    Praise God! Keeping all of you in prayer!

  4. Laura Winkler

    Praise God … we’ve been praying! Thanks for the updates.

  5. Randy & Diana Smyth

    Praise the Lord!! Praying for check ride #3. Rejoicing with you!!

  6. Christopher & Darlene

    Fantastic news.  Thank you God!  Great job Leedahls.


  7. Paul and Ann Eckert

    So wonderful to hear and we join you in praise to our Father……for the healing given, for the strength for Jon to persevere through a torturous experience, for the passing of these tests and for the grace to trust for the final one. May His Hand continue to rest on you all to your good, the good of those you serve and for His glory.

  8. Anonymous

    Hip hip hooray, God is good.

  9. Elaine Mosby

    PTL! Rejoicing with you at the accomplishment of this recent hurdle. Confident the Lord will continue to go before you as you both seek to serve Him and be a testimony of His goodness

  10. Herb & Winnie Risto

    Praise the Lord! It is wonderful that you keep pressing ahead and trusting in the Lord, even after such a set back. The verse brought a tear to my eyes. I need always to remember that!

  11. Jeffrey Benson

    Atta boy Jonny! May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family!

    Godspeed! Jefe

  12. Praying earnestly for you, Jon, here in Lubbock, Texas. Also, praying for your foot surgery on Nov. 3rd.
    We feel strongly that God has plans for you soon in the air over New Guinea.

  13. This is so incredibly exciting! Look what God can do! We’ll keep praying for Thursday’s test as well.

  14. Familie Heuts

    Super!!God bless!!He is great!! Rosita

  15. Anonymous

    Praise God !!!!!

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