Visits with Family & Friends

We are having fun & making some fun memories on this road trip to visit family, friends & churches & some events. Thanks to everyone hosting us & making time for a visit! Folks have asked if we are getting enough rest. Yes, we are getting spurts of down time between it all. This past weekend we were able to have a little breather at the beach in FL. Thanks Tommy & Melody Overman for your hospitality!!

Another question we’ve had is what’s next? Oct 21st Jon has his rescheduled FAA check ride to demonstrate his ability to fly with his prosthetic. He’s already passed the medical side now we he needs the flight portion done. He will have 3 check rides one for each aircraft he is licensed in. Single & multi engine & helicopter.

Nov 3rd he has a foot surgery at Mayo to have his foot plate removed. During the accident Jon had a badly broken foot that needed repair, so a metal plate & screw were put in his foot.

Next he would need a check ride with NTMA to be checked out for flying overseas. Lord willing that will take place in December.

Jon’s goal is to get back to PNG Lord willing in January. Seriously? Yes, seriously! In January 2016. We will continue to move in that direction unless the Lord shows us otherwise.

We have been so very thankful for all the one time gifts people have given!!! We need regular monthly support in order to get back to PNG. We are currently at 72% of our recommended budget.

If you’d like to get involved & join our team here’s how:

Thank you for praying & following our journey!!! Please and thank you for praying for these next step on our behalf!

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. (Prov 16:9 NKJV)”

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One thought on “Visits with Family & Friends

  1. mboze

    Your story is a constant glory to God. I’m following it with excitement in what He can do!!!

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