Flight Physical

Thank you all for praying us as Jon got his flight medical done this past week. The docs are going to do neurological testing since he had 2.7 hmgb & loss of consciousness during the accident. They just want to make sure he’s still got what it takes to handle flying again.

Pray for all of that to go well.
We’re gathering up all the medical documents for the doctors to give to the FAA medical division.
Jon says its just another hoop to jump through & is confident he’ll be fine, it will just take time to get it all done. He’s been flying everyday, thanks to his Dad. Practicing with the pedals so it becomes smooth & natural. Talk about determination!!! 🙂

Summer is here! It’s always a busy time for us. Our weeks have been full with family get togethers, a little traveling, birthday celebrations, receptions for friends & family, house sitting, & now preparing for our family reunion that will be hosted at the farm.

It’s been a blessing for us to have family & good friends close by, we sure missed them all overseas.

Lately I’ve seen God give such peace when I’ve decided to be thankful for the now, versus trying to “hurry up & see what the future holds.” It makes life more enjoyable, doesn’t it?

Enjoy today, friends! 🙂

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matt 6:34

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11 thoughts on “Flight Physical

  1. Ruth Smyth

    This is so encouraging to see how God is taking you on this journey. Continue to pray for you and now this next hurdle. The future is exciting, God has big plans for you I am sure.Thank you for all your updates. i do trust you will keep me on your mailing list in the future with NTM as i follow this mission with interest. God bless you all. Ruth

  2. Ann Eckert

    You don’t know us, we don’t know you. And yet we approach the throne of grace together with enormous thankfulness, and praise for the way God has protected and cared for you all step by step……so much to recount, so much healing power experienced, so many different kinds of mercies for each family member and joys for those who were able to help along the way. We know it was not done without focused expectation, great determination and pushing through a lot of pain and adjusting to new and difficult things. Peace, oh, wonderful peace, that passes all understanding. May His abundant mercies continue and the fruit of your lives multiply. Much love, Ann and Paul ________________ Ann Eckert ann_eckert@sil.org

  3. Geoffrey Briggs

    Its been great getting all your news, and to hear how Jon is doing, we have been praying for you all. God bless
    Geoff & Gwen.

  4. Roger Davis

    Like Ann, “You don’t know us, we don’t know you.” Yet we have grown to ‘know you’ since hearing of Jon’s accident from the Meerstra’s email. We have prayed for Jon, and family since then. What a journey you have been on, each day in step with the Lord. What an inspiration you have been Adie… you faith and trust in the Lord is an example for all of us. What a God we serve… He is faithful and cares so much, beyond what we knowor deserve, for each of us. May He continue to give to you His richest blessings.
    Joan & roger

  5. Bud and Edna Gensel

    God is able! He is ever faithful. Praying for you all…always. Have a blessed family reunion. What fun it must be on the farm.

  6. Anonymous

    Everything is in your favor, faith, strength, courage and it will all be fine as God’s plan is for you to “soar” in the air and on the ground.

  7. Reblogged this on sharyn256's Blog and commented:
    What an incredible knee joint!

  8. Praying for you all. HE who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in you! We Love You and will keep praying too. Much Love The Peters’ Family Ps.17:8

  9. Jacki Bradley

    Determination is correct!! Enjoy your summer. God bless


  10. Anonymous

    This is truly an example of HOW BIG is GOD? After the accident reports, I had no idea that Jon would ever be able to fly again. I guess my God wasn’t big enough then. But I am amazed at all that Jon has been able to do, and what he has accomplished in 9 months. His God is not small, and Jon and Adie’s determination and faith are an example. How incredible this is, and I thank you both for sharing this example with all of us. May the Lord continue to strengthen and richly bless you both. I am praying for your flight physical, and all that is ahead. But I am also praising HIM for his provision for you, and for all that the Lord is doing to supply your needs. Barb

  11. Jack Raab

    Continuing to pray. I am a flying buff for the past 55 yrs (I’m 60 yrs old) Many Many yrs ago I began flying lessons. Due to lifes circumstances I never fulfilled my dream of being a pilot, but now my dream can be fulfilled in following Jon’s determination to once again occupy the left seat. I am amazed at what he has accomplished through our Loving God. Never give up. I have been following Jon’s ordeal from the beginning and praying daily. I originally was looking forward to the day when you would report that all is well and I no longer need to storm heaven on Jon’s behalf; However I think Jon and your family will remain on my prayer list always. You have been such an inspiration.
    God Bless,
    Jack Raab

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