The Leedahls Update – Returning to the States

Decision made! Thank you all for praying for us!!

I know it seems like an easy decision, but moving & traveling internationally is a big thing to prepare for–and especially because of different things we need for Jon during our travels. Uprooting is always hard.

After prayer, considering options, and talking with the doctor, we’ve decided to head to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Once we said yes, things have fallen into place in the past 24 hours–thank you Lord!!!

We needed a letter written by Jon’s doctor saying he was fit to fly for our medivac insurance. We got it this morning, sent it in, and the insurance company responded promptly saying they are buying our tickets to leave this next Wednesday, March 18th.

Jon’s mom Cam flies in Monday to help us travel home. So thankful for her willingness to come! Tonight Jon was accepted to Mayo and will be seen the day after we arrive for assessment.

So many answers to prayers–right away & right before our eyes!!

Leedahls - 031215We were SO thankful to have Crystal Pennington help me pack & sort our house today. What a relief to have so much done already. Thank you, friend!!! And she provided an amazing dinner for us this evening.

God has provided so many willing people to come around us & help us during this time. Making what could be a really, really stressful time a lot easier to handle.

Please continue to pray for us as the next few days we still have a lot to get ready. But we are praising God for all that has been done!!!

“…And what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power (Ephesians 1:19 NKJV)

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26 thoughts on “The Leedahls Update – Returning to the States

  1. Michele @ Family, Faith and Fridays

    Praying for every detail- big and small, to work out smoothly! Praying for doctors and wisdom and so much more!

  2. Once again, my heart goes out to you with this big change. will be praying much. Trust the children will manage with all this as well.SO glad you have help. You will miss all the friends there but know God will raise up more people to support you in the coming weeks. Deuteronomy 31:8 “It is The Lord who goes before you. He will be with you, he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed” These are wonderful words and we will be praying for you

  3. Jessie Cheek

    We are friends of the Boogaards, and began praying for Gavin and Carrie Jones when we read in Chronicle about their babies. Their blog told us about you, therefore we are now subscribers to your blog. We live in Houston, TX. I have been praying for your family and Jon’s healing. I am happy to hear you are coming back to the States and to MAYO. We have been up there twice for my 19 year old daughter’s mystery illness (a rare brain disease) and MAYO was really wonderful. One thing to tell you is that you will have a primary doctor who will order all tests, surgeries, etc. and if you get appointments for something that seems to far in the future…what they didn’t tell us at first, is that you can usually get in a lot earlier for that test, or doctor’s appointment than what they officially tell you. You go there very early in the morning and sign in as a checker (it is sort of like standby at the airport). Just saying that because they didn’t tell me that right away. About where to stay when you get there: Hotels are expensive, but there are often local people who will accomodate people. The second time we were up there this past August, I had contacted a local Evangelical Covenant Church (our denomination) and some of their church members allowed us to stay in their home for free for the week (at the time I thought we would be up there longer). So, let me suggest that if you don’t have contacts in Rochester already, that you contact a church from your denomination and see if anyone there can help you find a place to stay that is cheaper than the hotels. Of course it may be more difficult for you as you may need wheel chair accessibility. Let me know if you have any more questions about MAYO.

    Jessie Cheek

  4. Dean Truett

    Jon just want you to know that the Sun City Sturdy Group is praying for you. Last night we met and during our prayer time we prayed for just this thing that God has done for you. We will continue to raise you up in prayer.
    Sun City Study Group
    Georgetown, Texas
    Dean Truett

  5. Sheila Seeman (Annie's "mentor")

    So thankful … the Lord has made His way so clear for you! Praying for all the preparations yet to be done, for the boys in all of this, for the Lord’s clear path always before you & for healing.

    Love, Sheila

  6. Christy Myers

    So happy for you! I have no doubt you have made the right decision and Jon will receive phenomenal care there.

    I was super impressed by all the doctors and nurses there. Even the support staff was great!

    Praying you have a safe and easy trip. As easy as possible under the circumstances. 😊. God is certainly not going to leave you now. He’s got you all in the palm of his hand and he is going to carry you through to full health.

    Much love and prayers!!

    Christy Myers

  7. gwen briggs

    Thoughts and prayers are with you for your journey and future surgery. Much love Geoff and Gwen

    Gwen Briggs ________________________________

  8. Patricia Hodge

    God bless you and your family as you get ready to leave Gods peace praying for you all

    Sent from my iPhone


  9. Linda Bohling

    Wow! We are glad to hear from you so soon about this decision. A friend (Chris Durfey) and I were talking about your situation this past Tuesday (as I put your prayer request up by the mailboxes at NTM Aviation). She has much experience with Mayo Clinic and was telling me about this wonderful, helpful place….and now you are going there! Wow again! Thank you for sharing your journey! NTM Aviation/McNeal will be praying for you as you take these next steps.

  10. b.florio

    Jon, Adie and boys.  As I struggle packing up our house to move to a small town my thoughts for you are ISN’T OUR GOD WONDERFUL!!!  He has provided your answers so quickly you just know it is the right thing to do.  And you can’t do better than the Mayo Clinic!  Jon you are so blessed to have a mom to come to help.  Even if it is mostly with your sons.  Grammas are such special people.  Bless you all and Adie I do hope you will keep the blog going once you are back in the USA.  Best of luck.  You are so safe in the arms of our Lord and I know He will do what is best for you!

    Blessings from Canada, Beth Florio Calgary, Alberta, Canada (for now)

  11. Thanking the Lord for you and the tremendous testimony you are leaving behind at the Cains Base Hospital with the doctors and nurses + therapists. And to all the individuals from the various churches that have taken you into their hearts. God’s blessing on this next step of faith.

  12. Valerie Wilson

    I’ve responded to your blog once before. I know about you through the Carrie and Gavin. I have been amazed at your faith and resiliency through all the ups and downs of recent months. Now I praise the Lord with you at the way God has provided for your return to the U.S. and to Mayo. I know there will be a lot of adjustments for your children as you make this move, but God will go before you and smooth the way. I’m already praying that the doctors will have unusual wisdom in diagnosing and treating Jon’s leg. And I’m praying that God will bless you with friends as you adjust to another new area. You are a great testimony to the sufficiency of God’s grace!

  13. Sandy Bruce

    sooo glad for the way all the details are working together so quickly for you and praying for a safe and uneventful trip back to the US and for wisdom each step of the way. continued prayers …

  14. Anonymous

    It is always exciting to see God’s hand at work and have him answer our prayers so quickly! Awesome!

  15. Anonymous

    so exciting to see such quick and obvious answers to prayer. I’m praying you through this. I understand a little of what you are going through with a hubby that has an above knee amputation.

  16. Bud and Edna Gensel

    Be assured of our continued prayers for all of you. We know God is faithful and will see you through this whole process. Praise God for the body of Christ. Amazing!

  17. Anonymous

    go thith God and many prayers!
    Great Aunt Louise

  18. Anonymous

    Safe travels. You will be I’m my neck of the woods. Prayers for all that has to be done yet and all that must get done when you arrive in Rochester.

  19. janepeterson3

    How amazingly faithful God is to put so much in place in so short a time. Our prayers for you, your boys, John’s mom, the docs, PTs, etc. continue. So glad you will be at Mayo!

  20. Karl and Elaine Mosby

    Dear Jon and Adie,
    Thanking the Lord that He has given you clear direction and continuing to pray as make the journey and transition back to your home land. We will continue to bring you the boys and extended family before the throne of grace as you trust Him for the future. Glad that Cam can travel to Cairns to help and support you on the long trip home.
    Asking the Lord to give you the strength and grace to continue on as you face more surgery and the adjustments ahead for you all
    Thanking the Lord that He is holding you in the palm of His hand

  21. Wow! What an amazing God we have, and for the operation.
    Our love and prayers go with you as you return to the States.
    Judy and Vern Pascoe, Western Australia

  22. Anonymous

    So happy for you. Have been praying for you all. God is so good.

  23. Anonymous

    Continued prayers to all of you! Familiar surroundings and proximity to “home” can definitely by a powerful psychological boost during recovery and rehab. Many prayers of thanks go to all of the wonderful friends and people that have provided support in countless ways and prayed for you and alongside you during the journey-so-far. May the witness of your struggle and the selflessness of so many be a powerful and convicting testimony to the unsaved. Glory to Christ, whatever our burden. Safe travels and continued recovery! May your mission become clearer with each day!

  24. gmaykirkham

    Glad you get t return to the US- glad for you
    But you will seem so far away so… please keep up the blog. I love your trust I the Lord and the word of your testimony
    Praying for you all through this journey- from May K in NZ- formerly a teacher at UISPC

  25. Marguerite Gonnerman

    Dear John, Adie, and Family,

    Just a quick note to tell you I am so thankful for God’s leading and that you know you are to return to the States. My husband and I and our church and my ladies’ Bible study group are continuing to pray for you. In case you don’t remember me from an earlier note I wrote, I’m a retired Wycliffe member who worked in PNG for 28 years, retired in 2010, and was married a month and a half later. My husband Gary and I now live in Lyle, MN, which is about 10 miles south of Austin, MN.

    We are wondering if we could come visit you if you have your next surgery in Rochester, MN, and if there is anything we could do to help. If this would put too much pressure on you, just tell us that. We’ll be home next week, and then I’ll be gone for the week of the 30th. Our home phone number is 507-586-1000, and my cell number is 641-832-7781. I know you are extremely busy, so don’t worry if you don’t have time to answer. You will continue to be in our prayers.

    In Christ,

    Marguerite Gonnerman

  26. Anonymous

    So encouraging to see how the Lord provides and stays with us.mpraying for you as you prepare to go to Mayo. A former student from Trinity pastors a Free Church in one of the bedroom communities to Rochester, MN. May I send them your info? I think their church is about a 30-45 minute drive to the hospital.
    Love in Christ,

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