The Leedahls Update – Dec. 16, 2014

My heart is full of JOY & I’m giddy today!!! It’s a red letter day!!

Today is exactly 2 months since we arrived in Cairns Australia. October 16th we arrived via medivac from PNG. Jon’s life was still at very critical condition. He had bled out most of his own blood but came back to us because God wasn’t ready for him yet. 3 people willing to donate blood in PNG helped Jon hang on, his right leg was mangled & his left leg crumbled up as well. We were shocked, dazed & confused. But quickly given overwhelming peace that God had/has a plan!!

Now today, December 16th, Jon is alive & well!!! He’s had two complete blood transfusions, amputation, recovery, multiple surgeries, repairs made with plates & screws in his left leg, infection & fevers & recovery & now continuous rehab. Now weaning off the drugs & some long home visits allowed. THANKS be to God for His indescribable GIFT!!!

10858554_10152603070327252_2600640777758437245_nSo today Jon came…HOME for 5 hours!!!!!!!!!

Today after sleeping in, getting a good grocery shopping done thanks to Michelle Thompson who stayed with our kids & Steven Thompson who fixed the lights on our borrowed car. Steven helped me pick up Jon at noon today via the van Candy Burns & Johnathan Burns have let us borrow.

We didn’t tell the boys & surprised them! We came home to really happy boys! Sweet Michelle had washed my dishes, put all my groceries away, shredded chicken for our meal & tided up. My heart was so so happy!! Then we were left alone as a family… in our own place. Awwww, the peace & contentment & pure JOY!! Best.feeling.ever!!

Lunch, wii games & just a chill day…together! With Jon home! Just can’t get over it!

We got a call from the nurses they were in the process of moving Jon’s things to the rehab floor. Wait, what, today?! Wow, another big step in the recovery process!!!

Tonight we took Jon back in & the kids & I helped unpack his room, then went to dinner as a family.
We brought Jon back sleepy but oh so happy! We tucked my sweetheart in bed & headed home.

We are beyond thankful for ALL God has accomplished & is still doing. What He started in us, He is faithful to complete for His glory! We praise God for all of our family & friends for loving on us through prayer, encouraging words & support. We have felt God’s love through you all!

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6 NKJV)

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20 thoughts on “The Leedahls Update – Dec. 16, 2014

  1. Christy Myers

    Oh, Jon & Adie, I can’t tell you how THRILLED I was to read your post today!! My heart (and eyes) overran with joy (in the form of tears) as I read about your WONDERFUL, BLESSING-FILLED day. Praise the Lord, for He is ever faithful!! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. gwen briggs

    soooo pleased for you all The Lord is GOOD

    Gwen Briggs ________________________________

  3. b.florio

    Praises be to God from here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I am very teary as I read such wonderful news.  God is great isn’t He.  Our great Physician and Healer.  Thank you for all your sharing.  This has truly been one of God’s miracles. Jon God has big plans for you!

    Merry Christmas from us to yours.  May the Lord continue to bless you.

    Doug and Beth Florio

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

  4. Thanks be to God!!!! He is awesome and only a breathe away!

  5. Ellyn Roe

    Sobbing in Seattle: I have such happiness and gratitude for the joy you have experienced with these milestone events. And as always, I am overwhelmed with respect and appreciation for your journey of faith and endurance in the middle of such a fiery trial. You teach and encourage us all.

  6. Nancy Boyd

    Unbelievably thankful and rejoicing with you. We served in Ukarumpa for 8 years (1997-2005 – I taught grade 2 and my husband did illustration and design, then taught at the high school) and still keep up with some friends there. I’ve been praying for you all and know GOD has a perfect PLAN for you. – with love and prayers from Nigeria, Nancy Boyd

  7. So wonderful to read this news. What an encouragement to see God answering so much prayer. will keep you in prayer as you move forward little by little.

  8. gwen briggs

    To God be the glory, that’s fantastic news enjoy these times together with him getting home, i can only imagine the excitement Adie for you for getting Jon home for a little while, Santa had come early for the boys. I know there’s a long road ahead but just think how far he has come. Love and prayers Geoff.

    Geoffrey Briggs ________________________________

  9. Anonymous

    Thank You Lord Jesus!

  10. Phillip & Olivia

    Glad to hear your going home .This is certainly good news. The Lord is merciful. In good times and in bad times,the Lord is good to us. Jon, you are an encouragement to all of us.
    Lotsa love from California.

  11. Ann Eckert

    We FEEL your joy and rejoice with you. What an incredible two months….a short but incredibly long and agonising time that will redefine your trust in our Heavenly Father and your lives of love and service as all the kindnesses of God unfold. We join you in thanks for all the medical care you have received and will continue to receive in rehab and will pray for the grace to go through that process with its own demands. We praise God and His people for all the ones who have been able to come alongside and give practical help, emotional support, care for your dear sons etc etc. Sometimes it is almost breathtaking to see God and His family at work. Rejoicing with you and continuing in prayer, Ann and Paul Eckert

    > >

  12. Wonderful news! So very happy for you guys! Thank you, Lord, for ALL that you have done!

  13. Praise the Lord for His blessing on you all. You have endured such a trial, and though the rest of us know nothing of the true pain you feel, we thank the Lord for the encouragement you are to us in your updates.

    God bless you all, and may Jon’s rehab progress as smoothly as possible!

    John Allen @JMAllenSr

  14. Heidi

    Praise The Lord. God is so good. Will continue to keep praying for Jon for the months ahead. So happy for the friends that are blessing you abundantly and lifting you ll up in prayer.

  15. Rebecca Horstkoetter

    So happy for you!

    Eric & Casey Zimmerman sent us a prayer request right after the accident.

    Thank you for your blog. It encourages me and helps me pray. Your sharing allows me to see God’s hand at work as you get victory after victory! I’m celebrating in the kitchen right now by dancing with joy and thanksgiving to Him!

    More Blessings, Rebecca Horstkoetter

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. Arvalee Palmer

    Oh dear sweet Adie. Your good news just makes my heart swell with gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord and my eyes are wet with tears. How the Lord must rejoice with and for you as you go through this testing time. How wonderful that you and Jon both were given over whelming peace, even at the time of the accident, trusting the Lord in His wisdom to work out his plan for you, even though you didn’t know the outcome of this tragedy. But the Lord gave you grace to trust Him and believe that He had a plan for your future. The Lord never fails and His word is true.

    And it is so sweet to read your words of love in standing with “your man”. You have a wonderful testimony.

    The Lord has been so gracious in sending different ones of His children to minister to your family; you are blessed, but I’m sure they are blessed as well as they minister to your needs.

    I am so happy for you all that Jon was able to come “home” for those five hours. And to be moved to the rehab, another step forward in the recovery process, as you said. What a blessing.

    I love the way you are looking after those precious little boys, to include them in their daddy’s journey to recovery.

    I love the verses you share with each posting.they are very meaningful and appropriate. May the Lord continue to bless you and give grace for each day and draw you closer to Himself.

    In His great love,

    Arvalee Palmer


  17. All I can say is God is sooo good, His grace is strengthening you! He has been ministering to you through the Body of Christ, what a beautiful thing!

    If this was Facebook, I would ‘like’ all those previous comments! AMEN AMEN, AMEN!

  18. Pascoe Vernon & Judy

    What wonderful news to hear, and how it has almost overwhelmed you, not to mention us and others. God has really blessed your faithfulness to Him and your faith in His promises. May God continue to bless you and lead you through each day ahead.

    • Anonymous

      What fantastic news for you as I read your update! We have an awesome God who will continue to do amazing things for you guys. Sure will continue to keep you in my prayers. Have a blessed Christmas!!


    A real joy to follow the progress. Thanks and praise the Lord. Carman & Carole Lynnes

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