The Leedahls Update – Nov. 26, 2014


Update from Cam Leedahl, Jon’s mom:

Please continue to pray about Jon’s persistent fevers.

Dr. Tavlyn saw Jon this afternoon regarding the recurring fevers. He said there are two possibilities. One is that his body is flushing out bacteria from his system, or he has an infection they cannot see. If the fevers continue tomorrow, then they will do an MRI on his stump to see where there might be an infection. (For those who are wondering, a hyperbaric chamber is not available here.) Jon does not feel well enough to eat a meal, but he has been drinking Gatorade and nibbling on beef jerky and crackers. Poor fellow is so tired and very disappointed to have this complication to his recovery. Adie and Cam have spent the day with him, thanks to the knowledge that children are being well cared for by Ola and Wilsy Otteson.

Tomorrow afternoon we welcome the arrival of Steve and Donelle Trostrud. Their work with NTM in Port Moresby is in “Member Care”. They are covering the interim between when I leave Australia (Nov 30) and when Steve and Michelle Thompson return to Australia (Dec 13). NTM is taking good care of their wounded missionaries! We are getting the back bedroom of the house ready for Steve and Donelle. Would you please pray that we will be able to make this a smooth transition?

Last night I started putting the cards and letters Jon and Adie have received into a notebook so that they can be easily re-read in the challenging days ahead. This ministering by fellow believers is so beautiful! At times, the tears flowed down my cheeks as I was overwhelmed with the emotion of gratitude to the Lord for His provision to Jon and Adie and the boys, and even to me and all who love them. I am reminded of the old Gaither “Family of God” song. The second verse, chorus, and part of another verse reads:

“You will notice we say brother and sister ‘round here,
It’s because we’re a family and these are so near
When one has a heartache, we all share the tears,
And rejoice in each victory in this family so dear.”

“I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God,
I’ve been washed in the fountain,
Cleansed by His blood,
Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod,
For I’m part of the family,
The family of God.”

“… I’m not worthy … but praise God I belong!”

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