Jon Leedahl Update – Nov. 4, 2014 @ 7:52 a.m. CT

381201_10150441171662252_693972251_8964415_1889197536_nFrom Cam Leedahl, Jon’s mom…

“Tomorrow marks the end of the third week since Jon’s accident. As Jon suffers pain and difficulties in the hospital, family and friends do what they can to bring comfort and encouragement to him.

Today was Levi’s turn to spend some special time with his dad. Snugged up in bed next to Jonathan and armed with his Happy Meal and a bag of activities to do together, Levi looked quite pleased. Thirty minutes later, when I came back to the room to get him, he and Jon were finishing a game of tic-tac-toe. We left Jon to take a nap and went across the street to join the others at Muddy’s, the playground and water-play park along the Esplanade.

After Jon’s nap, Adie wheeled him out to join the rest of us at the Esplanade, where there are many nearby restaurants and shops. After supper we strolled down the pier, enjoying the tropical night air, the colored lights in the trees, and looking over the yachts and fishing boats docked at the pier.

I marveled at the blessing God has given with this hospital in Cairns. Where else could a patient not only be wheeled out into the sunshine and fresh air and a boulevard by the ocean, but also enjoy parks, children in playgrounds, and have a choice of over forty restaurants within a ten-minute walk! It was so sweet to watch four-year-old Jace walk beside his dad with his hand resting on the arm of Jon’s wheelchair.

This is only one of many blessings. Another is the hospitality of Jonathan and Candy Burns, who opened their home to Adie the first day she arrived. By the time I came along, there were already six adults and seven children living here. To make room for everyone, Jonathan and Candy are sharing their bedroom with their two elementary-aged children. Their sacrificial kindness has meant so much!

In the midst of the suffering and the uncertainty, God is showing His love and kindness in a multitude of ways. Daily He brings the reminder that we can “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you.” Psalm 55:22

Thank you for your prayers.

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13 thoughts on “Jon Leedahl Update – Nov. 4, 2014 @ 7:52 a.m. CT

  1. God is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Michael Holt

    When we get to Heaven, I may have the time and the words to tell you much I admire you, dear brother. I am a friend of the Ostmans, God bless you, Michael Holt

  3. Randy Schmidt

    You folks are inspiring. Track these moments to write of book of encouragement later. God is truly amazing and awesome.

    We pray daily as we watch God’s hand moving!

  4. Susie Thompson

    How wonderful that Jon is having treatment in such a wonderful place. God is good. Continue Torah for all of you. God has a plan, He will make this something that will bring glory to Himself. He already is. We go to church with Mike and Abi and remember when you were here.

  5. Anonymous

    How much he cares for us , is beening shown to all of us thru your faithful walk with him !

  6. Anonymous

    Jon & Adie, We are praying for your return good health, Jon and God’s faithfulness to carry you through this time. It is a blessing to see your testimony as a family during this trial. We continue to pray.
    Nick and Kathleen Lenzen

  7. Amanda

    Continuing in prayer for y’all! My son Isaac, who is 12, and my daughter Hannah, who is 4, is praying for you too. I give updates about y’all at our family devotion time. Thanks, again, for listing specific things to pray for.
    Your Siblings in Christ,
    The Young Family

  8. God is always prepared and He placed you exactly where you need to be to heal and be ministered to. His love and grace is evident in your lives. Praying for continued healing and grace. Look at each day in this journey and write down your thoughts and I know you will see God working in big things and little things. Your faithfulness is encouraging to others going to difficult times in their lives. God Bless, comfort, heal and encourage day by day! Terry Williams, \

  9. Bonnie Troger

    As I read your newest update, I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. My late husband went through so much. It brought it all back. His death had nothing to do with his amputation. You have a loving family by your side. That is wonderful! My prayers will be with all of you as you struggle through all of this pain and heartache. God will lead you through this tough time. So glad He has provided friends to help you there. As I have said before, I don’t know you, but your situation is on my heart. May God bless you with healing and lead you through this valley into the wonderful life He has planned for you. Adie, I know this isn’t easy, but you have been a loving, faithful companion. With God’s love and blessing, Bonnie Troger

  10. Tecy Banta

    Karen Gerst has shared your need and your daily updates with us here in Warsaw, IN. Oh I pray for you and Adie and the boys many times a day as you come to mind. Heal well and speedily…and know that so many are concerned for you. Many will bless you, and you likewise have the opportunity to bless many in this time. You know God is faithful… He will meet your every need. Your boys are so cute…what a lovely family you have!

  11. pamela kruis

    We are praying for you!

  12. We continue prayer for Jon and his family. Please know you have prayer warriors in Arkansas USA who care!

  13. Dear Jon and Adie, I am sharing a friend of Lance and Laura Ostman. I have been praying for you and following your amazing testimony since the news of the wreck.

    This may seem like it is about ME, but I’m telling you the following so you understand my perspective. Please feel free to delete this posting after reading it, I’m not seeking any attention to my self…

    Having also been
    in an an auto wreck, myself, (8-16-95) insert huge brackets here——-where, after seeing the wreckage, people marveled and praised God for his hand on my life, as there was less than 4″ of space between the steering wheel and the back of my seat, and I was spared any injury to any of my internal organs!
    I suffered Many other injuries, facial lacerations. 4 teeth knocked out, one was a wisdom tooth that my dentist, (whom I saw the day before for a comprehensive exam) told me needed to be extracted, twelve other teeth were fractured,
    My jaw was broken in four places and required wiring shut for 24 days.
    There were Compression fractures of cervical vertebrae.
    My right humerus was fractured in a commutated fashion (I still really don’t know what means)that right arm still has a rod in it, the 3 screws holding it in place we’re subsequently removed 10 years later because of the pain that they caused continually ,(they were far longer than was medically necessary) my rotator cuff was worked on to get that rod into the humerus, rotator cuff repair therapy was necessary to get the shoulder to work after that.

    Left leg below my knee had been torn open by the emergency brake pedal, when the rubber on the end came off when the stuff in the engine compartment got pushed toward the dashboard .

    Three of the four tendons were severed to the bone.

    My right heel was shattered, later grafted with coral, other parts of my right foot were broken requiring internal plates and screws. I was told that I would never be able to go to the mall and shop, only to go to one store, get what I needed, and get out.— end of brackets!——-

    and fully believing that God is sovereign, I don’t call what happened to you an ‘accident ‘ it was a WRECK!

    You are facing a long road of recovery and rehabilitation, I will be praying for you to have strength and determination to endure the pain and the agony, the frustration and disappointment that is likely going to occur.

    What you are facing is far worse than what I had, to endure and STILL have pain daily coping with my injuries.

    God is faithful! He will sustain, strengthen you and Adie
    .i will be praying for you for a long time, as I feel pain I will try to use that as a signal to pray for you.

    You have certainly been tested tried, and found to be faithful. . Again feel free to delete this after you read it
    I know my wreck has led other people to praise the Lord, seek Him, draw our then church closer together, and has been a part of my testimony ever since.

    Your wreck has brought others to believe in Jesus Christ,!

    Know that God has placed your family here for purposes and plans that are yet to be known , and many will be in heaven because of what you are and are going to be going through!

    In His Service

    Sharyn Michali –a long time friend of Lance and Laura Ostman, (you know
    who they are )

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