Jon Leedahl Update – Oct. 26, 2014 @ 7:02 a.m. CT

Jon & Adie - 02Jon has had a few days without surgery, giving him the opportunity to get out of the hospital and get some sunshine. He can watch the three boys play at the nearby water/playground. Jon has also been able to enjoy meals at the nearby restaurants. These outings are big blessings and they help to keep his spirits up.

The swelling of Jon’s stump continues to reduce. His urine output is looking better as he continues to get IV fluid and drink a lot as well. The doctors are watching the input and output of fluids closely to make sure that everything is functioning correctly.

Results from the MRI on his left foot indicate more damage than what was first realized. The left foot will clearly require several surgeries and a long recovery process.

Jon rests in the knowledge that the Lord has him in the palm of His hand. He is committed to glorifying God through this trial. Jon has had opportunity to witness to this truth to doctors, nurses, and other visitors. Please cover these interactions that Jon has in prayer.

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18 thoughts on “Jon Leedahl Update – Oct. 26, 2014 @ 7:02 a.m. CT

  1. Sharyn Michali

    Will continue to pray, so good to hear that your children will back with you!

  2. Patricia Hodge

    Your witness has reached millions. God has such a big plan for you all. Praying for you and your family. At times like this we are truly in The Palm of Gods hand. He knows our heart. God is so good I’m blessed by your witness. May God use you all in a mighty way

  3. Anonymous

    Praying from Seminole Florida it is my honor to lift you and your family up during this time ! May this road lead many to follow the truth and light your life is showing .

  4. Anonymous

    Praying for Jon

  5. Anonymous

    praying for your family! Thank you for the update, may God overwhelm you with His grace!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Praying for you. i’m moving to the ME on Thursday. Affirming your witness and testimony to His sovereignty!

  7. Carol Sibley

    Contuing to pray for Jon and family.

  8. Praying for you and your dear family here in Oklahoma.

  9. Anonymous

    Contine your recovery in God’s hands, enjoyed visiting with your Aunt Susie even though her Colts got beat yesterday.

  10. cindy

    praying for you from a missionary kid to you I read your updates daily then say a prayer good frein with the Williams family

  11. Don & Rebecca Lloyd

    Continuing to pray for your family

  12. Anonymous

    We Canuks are prayerful Jon….Keep your eyes on the Father and especially the brothers ( like Geise and DuBois), that He has sent ahead of you to show His way.
    In Him together Bev.& Donna Preater

  13. Anonymous

    Praying here in West Africa!

  14. Anonymous

    Praying in Tulsa, OK! So glad that Jon’s mom is getting to come!!

    • Marilyn Mason

      Praying for you in Tulsa, OK…and sharing your updates with our church family. So glad that Jon’s mom is on her way there!

  15. Brian and Alberta Porterfield

    Heartfelt prayers from Alaska as well. Though we’ve never met we still feel close to you and look forward to your updates. With brotherly love, Brian and Alberta Porterfield (former NTM pilot)

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