Jon Leedahl Update – Oct. 21, 2014 @ 7:54 a.m. CT

Jon L - 102114Jon and Adie are very encouraged by all those who have praying, sharing Scripture, sending messages, and giving financial support.

Praise God that the paperwork allowing Jaeden, Levi, and Jace to be brought to them from Papua New Guinea has been completed. In the next few days, the Jagt family will accompany them to join Jon and Adie.

Jon will need surgery again on his leg on either Thursday or Friday. The last surgery went well, but there is need to wash out the wound again and decide whether more muscle needs to be removed, or if they can close up the wound. His hemoglobin levels are rising nicely; this is a good step in the right direction.

He has begun physical therapy for his upper body. An MRI will be done tomorrow to assess the ligament damage to his left knee.

If all is going well, then the plan will be to operate on his left foot on October 31st. The earlier he has this surgery, the better the outcome for foot function.

Important: Jon & Adie are requesting no calls or text messages at this time. If you would like to send them an email or note of encouragement, they would appreciate that, but we need to respect their privacy at this time. We will continue posting regular updates as they come available. Thank you for your patience and for respecting their wishes. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom for the doctors as to whether or not to remove more leg.
  • Physical and spiritual strength for Jon and Adie.
  • Insurance and hospital paperwork will be completed without any complications.
  • For Jaeden, Levi, and Jace to arrive safely into the arms of Jon and Adie.


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17 thoughts on “Jon Leedahl Update – Oct. 21, 2014 @ 7:54 a.m. CT

  1. Peggy

    Friends told me about the accident and I have been praying ever since. Now I’m signed up for your blog. Thanks for your updates.

    Peggy Comstock

    Lancaster, SC


  2. D. Arvalee Pamer

    We all at the Sahuaro Baptist Church in Tucson, Arizona are holding you all up in Prayer. Arvalee Palmer, retired missionary with NTM and PNG

  3. praying for your sweet family, God’s healing touch for your husband and quick recovery. May your emotional scars be few and that Doctors and nurses witness the miracles and their ears be opened to the Gospel.. To You the Glory Abbba.

  4. Sarah

    As I sing with my students… “My GOD is so great, so strong, and so mighty there’s nothing my God cannot do!” You don’t know us but we are praying for strength when you’re weak, wisdom when you just don’t know, and peace when all you want to do is scream. (Healing too, of course) The LORD bless and keep you, may HIS FACE shine upon you and be gracious and give you HIS peace and may you always put HIM first, even above one another.


  5. Amanda


  6. Anonymous

    Jon, You and your family are in my families prayers. I enjoyed flying with you during my training at North Memorial. We wish you the best of luck and health. Glad you are alive !! Pete – North Air Care 5

  7. Dave Southern

    Found out about you through Gavin and Carrie Jones. Praying for you.

  8. Erika

    Praying for you in Thailand!

  9. we are former missionaries who served in PNG until 2009. We try to stay updated of how the Lord is building His church and through that we heard of Jon’s accident. I have been praying for you and your family since then and i’m in awe about your testimony of God’s grace !! May the Lord continue to be your all in all, may He give you what you need, day by day He is carrying you!!

  10. Philographer

    This verse has been constantly in my mind and prayers for you both over the past week: ‘the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it’ – hold on! With love, Phil

  11. Kelvin

    Will NTM let you add a PayPal link to your page? I would like to contribute.

  12. Randy & Susan Hayes

    A friend sent us a message asking us to pray for you, as we went through a similar experience about 2 1/2 years ago. Randy was in a car accident and eventually decided to have an amputation (above knee) after battling with infection. We have seen God’s hand at work over and over again. Continue to lean on Him for your strength and He will carry your through, day by day. We will continue to lift you and your family up before our Creator. Randy had the opportunity to speak with several other amputees before his surgery to ask questions and learn more about living life after an amputation. If you would ever like to do that we would be more than happy to connect with you and offer any information and encouragement we can.

    Randy & Susan Hayes

  13. Luane

    Praying for them in Brazil!

  14. Lisa Schroeder

    Praying for the whole family here in Michigan!

  15. Abbie Shireman

    Our family has been praying for you both and for all those you touch in your ministry. Prayers from Pennsylvania!

  16. Anne

    “So when you don’t understand, when you don’t see His plan, when you can’t trace His hand, trust his heart.” I heard these song lyrics on Sunday morning and immediately thought of you. He loves you all so very much.

  17. Tim and Blossom Teele

    Conquering through Loss

    O Father, my Father, teach me there is gain in loss.
    Shower me with peace in pain.
    Open my eyes to light in the darkness.
    Bless me with beauty in tragedy.
    Grant new vision from dying dreams.
    Teach me trust in seeming betrayal
    And love in the persistence of “whys.”

    O, Father, my Father, who lavishes me with good gifts,
    Today, may I believe truth about my losses.
    May I believe you are the Comforter, the Healer.
    May I believe your love is unending.
    May I trust your blueprint for my life.
    May I delight, as You do, in the prayers of the saints
    Pleading for loss to be transformed into gain.

    O Father, my Father, who lost a son for a time
    So that a worldwide family would be gained.
    May I too be counted worthy to suffer loss,
    For the advancement of Your kingdom and cause,
    And when I stand before the throne,
    With people from every tribe and nation,
    Together we will praise the God who won via loss.

    O, Father, my Father….You overcame Your loss.
    So that I too, can claim gain from loss.
    Hallelujah! I am more than a conqueror.

    – Blossom Teele, Oct. 22, 2014
    Written for Jon and Adie Leedahl

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