Jon Leedahl Update – Oct. 19, 2014 @ 9:30 a.m. CT

GE DIGITAL CAMERAJon is continuing to receive blood, as his hemoglobin levels are still low.

Pray for the swelling to go down and that tomorrow as he goes back into surgery to have the wound washed out that the muscle looks good so that no more leg needs to be removed.

Pray for Jon and Adie as everything is starting to sink in as they process all that is going on.

Pray for the couple who is looking after the kids in PNG as they are doing a wonderful job. Pray for all the paperwork and flights to be sorted out soon to bring them to Cairns.

Pray for Adie to have sufficient rest/sleep to continue to support Jon in the amazing way she has thus far.

If you would like to send cards and notes of encouragement, this is the best address to sent them:

Jonathan Leedahl
Cairns Hospital
P.O. Box 902
Cairns, Queensland, Australia  4870
Thank you all for your incredible prayers and support. We are so humbled by literally thousands of people who have shared their support from all over the world. Thank you.
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19 thoughts on “Jon Leedahl Update – Oct. 19, 2014 @ 9:30 a.m. CT

  1. Prayers for you and your family–from Alaska!

  2. Anonymous

    Jon & Adie, You are in our prayers; you were prayed for at our church this morning also, which should add a were more to your prayer team. I am wring from Connecticut. We have three sons who have depended on missionary pilot support for many years in northern Brazil. We have the highest regard and appreciation for what you do. Looking at your family reminds us of our own family a few years back. So we feel a close connection even though we’ve never met you. Keep the updates coming.
    Robin (and Ron) Brown, Redding, CT

  3. Nancy Harper

    Promising to pray and walk with the both of you through this ordeal.
    Love in Jesus Chris,
    Nancy Harper

  4. Jennifer Kiske

    We will continue to pray for all of you…here at the lake. 🙂

  5. Dave and Laura Percy

    Jon and Adie. You have been and will continue to be in our prayers. We are presently at a missions conference and have shared with them about what has gone on. They are now lifting you before the throne of grace too. In our traveling back and forth to the church, we pass a road named “Adie Lane” and another one called “Leed” so I’ve named it “Leedahls”.
    This way everytime I pass those streets Im praying for you. Thanks for the many updates so that we stay on top of it! Love you both! Laura and Dave

  6. Herb & Winnie Risto

    Will pray as you continue to walk through this.

  7. Rob & Amy Wagner

    Our hearts are hurting for you and we are trusting God with you. May He use your family to bring many to His precious Son Jesus and may He pour out His abundant blessings on your lives. Continuing to pray for you all.
    Rob & Amy Wagner

  8. Gabriela Toviah

    Dear Jon & Adie,

    I didn’t have the chance to meet you but I have heard great things about you when you were here in Arizona for training. Just want to share that everybody at Elfrida Baptist Church is praying for you.

  9. Anonymous


  10. Christy Myers

    Jon & Adie. I know you don’t know me, but I have friends serving as missionaries in PNG. My son & I were able to visit there in 2012. We are praying for you and your family. Praying that God will grant you miraculous healing, peace & comfort. Please know that prayers are being lifted up for you and your family by people all over the world 24/7. Through His grace, God’s plan will be revealed.

  11. Anonymous

    Praying for an extra portion of God’s grace for you all and your family. Will continue to pray for you.
    Blessings from Texas!

  12. janepeterson3

    So many, many people at the International Linguistic Center in Dallas are praying for you.

  13. Sarah

    “Now this is what the LORD says —
    the One who created you, Jacob,
    and the One who formed you, Israel —
    ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by your name; you are Mine.
    I will be with you
    when you pass through the waters,
    and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not overwhelm you.
    You will not be scorched
    when you walk through the fire,
    and the flame will not burn you.
    For I Yahweh your God,
    the Holy One of Israel, and your Savior’…
    ‘You are My witnesses’ —
    this is the LORD’s declaration —
    ‘and My servant whom I have chosen,
    so that you may know and believe Me
    and understand that I am He.
    No god was formed before Me,
    and there will be none after Me.
    I, I am Yahweh,
    and there is no other Savior but Me.
    I alone declared, saved, and proclaimed —
    and not some foreign god among you.
    So you are My witnesses’ —
    this is the LORD’s declaration —
    ‘and I am God.
    Also, from today on I am He alone,
    and none can deliver from My hand.
    I act, and who can reverse it? ”…
    Look, I am about to do something new;
    even now it is coming. Do you not see it?
    Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness,
    rivers in the desert.
    The animals of the field will honor Me,
    jackals and ostriches,
    because I provide water in the wilderness,
    and rivers in the desert,
    to give drink to My chosen people.
    The people I formed for Myself
    will declare My praise.” Isaiah 43:1-21

    Read this prayer in my devotion and thought it may encourage you –
    “Dear Lord, I don’t know who or what will cross my path today. But I do know that You are my Rock and my Fortress. You are my Shield and my Strong Tower. Help me to anchor myself to You today. Teach me how to stand strong in You and choose only Your way today. Help me walk by Your truth and not my feelings.
    Help me to embrace anything that comes my way as an opportunity to see You at work and as an opportunity to point others to You.
    Thank You that You love me and nothing can ever take that away from me! Even if I fail today and fall short, You whisper Your unconditional love deep into my soul and remind me that Your mercies are new every morning.
    That truly amazes me, Lord.
    Thank You for meeting with me today. Would You wake me again tomorrow with the same sweet whisper of Your love? I can’t wait to meet with You again. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.’
    Imagine the marvelous sight before God’s eyes! Each morning this week, as Elohim, the God who created us, peeks over the edge of heaven, gazes across the continents, and spans the time zones…”

    The Bryant Family
    Our family is praying for you from Raleigh, NC

  14. Amanda

    Continuing to pray for y’all in NE GA. USA.

  15. Paul and Ann Eckert

    Jon and Adie. You don’t know us, but I don’t think that particularly matters. The Lord knows us all and listens to us as we intercede for each other. We have asked Him to take special care of you, physically emotionally spiritually, and to hold close to His heart your children and extended family and friends as you all support one another. Words are flimsy at hard places, but we care alot and wanted you to know it. Paul and Ann Eckert, Wycliffe/SIL/Bible Society Australia.

  16. Jon and Adie – I had not even heard of you until a few days ago when John Brownie posted of this sad and difficult event in your lives on facebook. Praise God for the work you have done. Praise Him for what you are going to do. My prayers for your healing Jon and for strength and courage and protection for the both of you through this difficult time are with you, as well as the kids whilst you are separated.

  17. Taryn Wolf

    Praying for your family. That Jon would have quick physical healing and complete emotional healing. Prayer that Adie would be a strong support and cheerleader through the tough days to come. Prayer that together, Jon and Adie would be united in this trial and that their marriage and ministry would solidify. Prayer that questions of the future would be met with the calm and peace of Christ. And prayer for the boys that they would be able to join you soon – that they would have strength and the ability to process what is happening – that they would be a new source of energy and encouragement and motivation for healing.

    Thank you for the work you do in PNG. Thank you for being the feet and hands of Christ and answering His call to go.

  18. Anonymous

    Dear Jon & Adie,

    I heard of your accident this morning while talking to Bob R. I am deeply saddened by this news. May God lift you up and use you as a role model for others to follow my brother in Jesus Christ. I pray for healing and spiritual enlightenment. Dear God of the universe please watch over the Leedahl family and give them the strength they need to endure whatever comes their way. We are here for you, whatever you need let me know. Godspeed Brother, Jeff Benson, Pequot Lakes, MN

  19. Brian White

    Jon, Adie,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Brian and Kelly White, Princeton, MN.

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