Leedahl Family PNG Adventures

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So thankful!

Thank you all for your faithful prayers for our family! It’s been 4 months since we arrived here in PNG. God is faithful to let us see He has been with us every single step of the way.
 We are settled into our home, started homeschooling again, I work 2 mornings a week at the medical clinic and Jon has been flying almost everyday. Jon has been flying with an instructor and says there is a lot to learn and observe, and some days feels like he’s “drinking from a fire hose.”


Last week, Jon had the chance to fly to the island of New Britain to Hoskins and me and the kids were able to join him. What a treat!

 We stayed at the New Tribes Mission center in Hoskins while Jon flew with his instructor around the island for the 4 days we were there, serving the NTM church planters in their remote locations. As I watched Jon flying that Kodiak, drenched in sweat (it was HOT in Hoskins) flying and landing on jungle airstrips–I realized how much time, effort, sweat, thought and skill goes into all of that flying!  Pray for him guys! For safety, strength and wisdom.
As we would land to either pick up more passengers and cargo or drop some off, Jon would get out to help unload cargo, help passengers get in or out. We would get back in the plane, he’d do his safety briefing before we took off (looking so cute and professional! ;). It was a wonderful opportunity for me, as his wife, and his kids, to see Jon at work. When he comes home each day telling me about his flights all over PNG, I can now imagine what it might like look like now.

Home Sweet Home

Praising God for answered prayers!! Our home that God has blessed us with during our stay here at Ukarumpa, SIL, has already hosted 5 families/groups in the last 6 weeks. We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming people into our “retreat center” and being able to share some time, meals and fellowship together. What a privilege to be able to share our home to those who have made big sacrifices as families to come and serve here in Papua New Guinea. We look forward to more families arriving in the near future.


We are still going to the village on Saturdays to do our language learning. It is slow going, but we are learning more and more with each visit. Our language helper’s family has been very kind to us and we enjoy our times together.


-Jon has been able to get many flight hours in and Lord willing he will be flying on his own soon.

-Our home has been such a blessing to us and to others.

-We feel more settled and have been making more friends.

-We were able to go on a flight as a family.

-I am enjoying my job at the clinic and it’s helped so much to feel more settled and connected.


-Pray for Jon for strength, wisdom and clarity of mind as he flies and studies. He has a lot to learn and absorb.
-Pray for good timing for Jon, he needs to get a water egress safety class done in Australia sometime between all of his training, pray for a good time to open up for him.
-Pray for us to be able to accomplish all we need to during the day, being wise with our time, and not stretching ourselves too thin.
-Pray for health. We all have colds and the boys felt under the weather this week. There’s usually some sort of bug floating around this center.

We are so blessed by you all. We praise God for your faithfulness to pray for us and to support us as we serve here in Papua New Guinea. We could not do it with out you all!!

Thank you all so very much,

Adie, Jon, Jaeden, Levi and Jace Leedahl

Flying Under the Shadow of His Wings in Papua New Guinea

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