Life in Papua New Guinea

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Learning About Life in PNG

Praising God! Jon just got his PNG pilot’s license–he’s been observing flights but hasn’t been able to fly until now. Thanking God for His provision!

And thank you all for praying for us!! Now Jon will spend time gaining experience and hours in country.

Now that we have been in in PNG for 10 weeks, we have needed to start our language learning. We met with some NTM Culture and Language Acquisition teachers who lined us up with a Pastor and his family willing to help our family learn Tok Pisin (Talk Pigeon).

This Pastor and his family have been praying for a missionary family to help. Praise God for answered prayer!!

We have committed to meeting weekly with this kind family who has welcomed us right in and have patiently started our language learning. Even the kids get involved. How exciting to hear our boys try to talk in Tok Pisin!

How does the language learning work? For the first few weeks, we do a lot of listening, pointing at items and hearing how the Pastor says each thing. As the Pastor repeats each item, we will start to become familiar with how it needs to be said. At some point, we will repeat and practice using the words and phrases. Pray for Jon and I as we struggle with language learning, pray that all will becomes clear and we are quick to pick up the language.

Prayer requests:

Pray for Jon as he is studying airplane manuals, doing ground school and getting ready to fly.

Pray for us as we are packing up to move again to another house on the center in 2 weeks–pray for a smooth transition.

Pray for us as we learn a new language. Pray that we can retain everything we are learning!

We are SO blessed by each one of you who have prayed for us, encouraged us and supported us all along the way. We are confident this is where God has us to serve Him. Pray that we can be faithful in the work He has set before us.

Jon, Adie, Jaeden, Levi and Jace Leedahl


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