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Three years ago our family took this photo in front of the new model of airplane (Quest Kodiak 100) that we just found out Jon will be flying in PNG!

We are at 79%!

Since we left Arizona on November 22nd, we have been on a whirlwind of fast paced activity. We spent four weeks on the road sharing about our ministry across the US and Canada! We ended the tour in North Dakota just in time for Christmas.

I am so excited to announce that we have now reached 79% of our needed financial support for PNG! The Lord has done what seemed impossible to go from 1% support when we arrived in Arizona back in August to being at 79% just 5 months later! Praise God! We still need about $1500 more a month to be fully funded, equipping us to be the most effective in our ministry to the tribal church planters in PNG.

Exciting changes to our ministry in Papua New Guinea!

There has been a change in plans for how we will be serving in PNG. Instead of being the only pilot serving with the airplane come May, JAARS (the aviation wing of Wycliff Bible Translators) has agreed to temporarily provide one of their Quest Kodiak airplanes in PNG to serve NTM church planters! NTM Aviation is raising money to have their own Kodiak in PNG soon. This aircraft can do more that twice the work of the current airplanes NTM Aviation is using and still fly into the same short jungle airstrips. JAARS has also agreed to provide Jon with extensive in country training in the Kodiak to the instructor/check pilot level. The goal is for Jon to then provide the training to the new pilots, who will be arriving (Lord willing) within the next year, in NTMA’s new Kodiak when it arrives.

To be less technical: Jon will be on loan to JAARS for at least the next year to gain valuable experience in the Kodiak while still flying and serving NTM missionaries in PNG!

Jon is traveled to Spokane, WA to start Kodiak classes on Monday, January 20th. He will then need to receive some training stateside from JAARS in February before we depart to PNG. Our exact departure date is yet unknown. We hope to find out from JAARS this next week so we can buy our airline tickets. We just received our visas from the  PNG Embassy in Washington, DC. Thanks for your prayers!!



Pray for us:
Pray as we have to pack for Papua New Guinea, get our last paper work done, get our optometrist/doctor appointments done, the correspondence up keep, bill paying and now 2-4 weeks of Kodiak training for Jon in Spokane.
-Pray for peace amongst the chaos of life lately.
-Pray for us to continue to remember why we do what we do. Our hearts desire is to serve God through flying church planters in Papua New Guinea. There are many unreached that still need to be reached with the gospel.
-Pray that God’s will will be done and for us to rest in His perfect plan for our lives.

SONY DSC Thank you for your prayers, support and interest in our ministry!

Yours for reaching the unreached with the Gospel

 Jon, Adie, Jaeden, Levi & Jace Leedahl

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